The One and Only Gospel Duck

Age AppropriatePre-school through Elementary  

This adorable little character has captured the hearts of millions of children around the world!

Gospel Duck teaches children about God’s love, forgiveness, and protection as well as gives them the confidence to succeed in life, no matter what. Nothing is impossible and there are no limits. Their faith is powerful regardless of their age.

Gospel Duck brings the healing love of God and salvation in Jesus wherever he goes.


“I work as a nurse in a children’s psychiatric hospital. Seeing so many upset and hurting kids, I began to play Gospel Duck Goes to School in the ward at night. All could hear it around the floor. It brought a peace and the love of Jesus filled the air. One after another, the children received Jesus and recovered quickly to the doctors’ amazement.”-Irene, VA

My grandchildren are from a home broken by divorce. I did not realize they blamed themselves for the divorce until they asked for the song “You’re Not To Blame” to be played over and over again. It set them free! -Julia, NY

“My 3 boys listened to “Gospel Duck Goes To School” every year as school started all through elementary years. They sang all the way to school and were excited to jump out of the car as we arrived. What a blessing!” -Tom, OK

“The laughter song on “Gospel Duck Goes To The Zoo” brought joy back to us after a divorce and some heavy trials and disappointments.”-Vivian, CA

“Dusty’s song on “Gospel Duck Goes To The Zoo” about forgiveness and not holding grudges changed the atmosphere in my home among my children. Sibling bickering was reduced 95%!” -James, TX

“The songs “Use Your Faith” and “Feed Your Faith” gave my kids an understanding that faith comes by hearing, they also learned faith must be spoken and they can act on the Word. I’ll be eternally grateful – what a difference it’s made in their lives!” -Sarah, FL

“My children learned forgiveness from the “Gospel Duck Goes to Camp” CD, and understanding of what other children go through.” -Alice,VT


“My 10-year-old nephew loves this Gospel Duck adventure, it’s his favorite! He loves science and is intrigued by the Time Machine Adventure as it brings to life Bible stories and locations.” -Thomas, UT

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