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Len Mink

Len Mink is a gifted singer, songwriter and Psalmist. He has created over 30 anointed recordings of contemporary Christian music, beautiful hymns with symphonic backgrounds and fun and interactive children’s music. 

His beautiful voice brings the healing & peace of Jesus to millions around the world. Len is currently traveling the globe preaching the good news of Jesus Christ. He has worked for over 34 years as the worship leader for Kenneth Copeland Ministries.

Len is currently writing his first book on the Supernatural Power of Music and its effect on the human body, mind, and spirit. Expect the release in 2019.  read more

Cathy Mink

After finding modeling to be disappointing and empty, Cathy found real excitement, and the fulfillment she was searching for in Jesus Christ.  She invited Jesus into her heart and life,  Everything changed!  She felt peace and joy as well as totally FREE!  She teaches daily alongside her husband, Len, on DirectV to over 80 million households—urging people to experience the power of the Word of God!  Their popular program, “Len & Cathy” on the TCT Network reaches viewers worldwide.

Cathy’s teaching on powerful spiritual principles that change lives is available on radio, television, CD, ITunes Video Podcast & YouTube. Cathy is known for her assertive faith, believing that “whosoever can have whatsoever, that they believe and speak!”  (Mark 11:23) read more

Gospel Duck

This adorable little character has captured the hearts of millions of children around the world!

Gospel Duck teaches children about God’s love, forgiveness, and protection as well as gives them the confidence to succeed in life, no matter what. Nothing is impossible and there are no limits. Their faith is powerful regardless of their age.

Gospel Duck brings the healing love of God and salvation in Jesus wherever he goes. read more